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What's your community saying about your cause?



Knowing what your community is saying about your cause and when to communicate back to them is a critical part of social media strategy. But how do you track engagement, manage the conversation and execute campaigns around so many online touchpoints?  And, how do you know if you are being effective, making a difference, and spreading the word?

We will work with your organization to leverage your CRM with social media strategy. Wiring your online marketing presense into your systems will provide real-time social ROI.

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Build your following. Connect your cause.


Your cause is uniqueHelping your nonprofit grow a community of committed supporters online requires a variety of skills – from strategy and planning to web and social media development, measurement and even CRM integration. The Following Factory engages the right resources at the right time to make sure your cause realizes the maximum exposure across all constituent touch points.

• Social media community planning/integration
• Supporter acquisition, conversion and retention strategies
• Fundraising, advocacy and education campaign strategy
• Marketing evaluation and organizational goals review
• Key performance indicator (KPI) development




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Inspire your community to action


Inspired nonprofitYour cause has a message, a very important message that should inspire your followers into action. How you say it and through what channels you choose to say it will determine whether or not your community will engage or tune out. That’s why we help you build a creative and content strategy to communicate the right messaging and make sure it speaks to the right audience.

• Creative strategy and collaboration
• Design and art direction
• Cause identity and voice
• Content strategy – development, management, and copy
• Social media site design and user-interface development



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CMS and CRM Integration



Every solution should have a toolset that directly supports your business needs. We can build, document, train, and deploy a wide range of tools that will allow your staff to manage not only content and creative but also the interactive features and integration with other systems. Our expertise includes Siteforce, Luminate Online / Convio Online Marketing, Drupal, Word Press, Blackbaud NetCommunity and others.

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